Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog Basics

This account will offer prompts based on classroom readings. This space is also where you may ask questions about classroom assignments, both reading and writing requirements and concerns. I will also post changes in the syllabus or classroom assignments; however the syllabus is the default document and you should keep it and bring it to class each day.

This Blog is for classroom use only. You MUST send me your email address, so that you can be added as a team member for this site. You MUST also accept the invitation before you can begin to blog or comment.

I will often post a reading question for the next reading assignment. You should attempt to respond directly to the question; however if no question is provided, your blog should include the following details.

1. What would you say is the main idea of the text?

2. How does the author makes this point? What sort of organization, word choice, tone, literary elements, and examples does the author employ?

3. Choose a passage from the text that seems important, confusing, interesting or troubling and include a brief account of this passage in the text.

4. Ask a discussion question for either class or for blog comments.

You should also read what others have written on the blogs and respond to interesting insights. Reading what others write will help you understand the texts and may lead you to question some of the assumptions you have made. You can agree, disagree, question, or offer a new insight. Comments should be in the spirit of understanding the texts; they should not engage in “text-bashing” (though thoughtful disagreement is fine) and they should not be personal in nature.

Post at least twice weekly on reading assignments prior to classroom discussion. Post no later than 8 p.m. Monday for readings to be discussed in class on Tuesday and no later than 8 p.m. Wednesday for readings to be discussed in class Thursday.